The Admiral

Captain FRH “Dick” Sutton MC (1905-1970) is the character represented by the mannequin holding a compass in our Western Desert World War Two display case.

He joined 4CLY in the 1930s, and earned his nickname on a training exercise in Devon, where he gave his position as a grid reference in the middle of the Bristol Channel!

He went on to serve with distinction in the Western Desert, where his navigation skills were fortunately excellent, as he supplied the regiment’s tanks and crews with fuel and equipment, often passing unnoticed through enemy positions. He was well-known for his cheery morale-boosting humour and the ability to come up with the best in food and drink.

Promoted to Major, and given command of C Squadron, Dick went on to serve in Italy, and was a central figure in the successful tank crossing of the River Volturno.  He ended the war as a Colonel, and then returned to civilian life in London.